About Us

Helena Records LLC was founded in 2006, born of the drive that our slogan “Music is our Passion” accurately attributes to us. It’s all about the music. Entering the cultural environment when we did is directly the result of the opportunity the great visionary Steve Jobs afforded to independent record labels via his company, Apple, leveling the playing field for all by the creation of iTunes. No more could the major record labels monopolize and control the marketplace, and control who could and could not get exposure. Indeed, all of us in the business of the Arts owe a great debt to Steve for restoring free market competition in whichever area of artistic enterprise we’re in. iTunes and it’s offspring Apple Music have grown to offer opportunity to every area of media. This is not a commercial for Apple, but a realistic and acccurate recounting of history. Our products are not exclusively with iTunes and Apple Music, but are distributed around the globe, in virtually every download sales and streaming site that exists today, so we send our gratitude and appreciation to them all. We’re available literally on every continent. And we hope to continue to bring quality music your way for the rest of time. Afterall, music is eternal. Just ask goddess Helena…

Helena Records LLC

1314 Kensington Rd.

P.O. Box 3653

Oakbrook, IL,  60523


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